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The Field Engineer will assist the Resident Engineer with on-site review of construction work.  Field Engineer duties and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Inspection Assistance

  • Keep a diary or log book including information as directed by the Resident Engineer. Provide copies to the Resident Engineer and Project Engineer as requested.
  • Properly observe construction activity as directed, following field procedures.
  • Report to the Resident Engineer whenever any work is observed to be unsatisfactory, faulty or defective, or is not in substantial conformance with the Contract Documents, or has been damaged, or does not meet the requirements of any inspections, tests, or approvals required to be made.
  • Provide written daily reports on inspection duties.
  • Perform other observation duties and follow procedures as directed by the Resident Engineer.

Project Meetings

  • Attend project meetings as required in consultation with the Resident Engineer and Project Engineer.

Review of Work

  • Rejection of Defective Work, Inspections and Tests – Conduct on-site construction review of the work in progress as directed by the Engineer, to determine to the best of his/her knowledge (1) if work is proceeding in general accordance with the Contract Documents and (2) that completed work is in substantial conformance with the Contract Documents.

Project Records

  • Assist in the maintenance of organized files for correspondence, reports of job meetings and sample submissions, reproduction of original Contract Documents including all addenda, change orders, field orders, additional drawings issued subsequent to the execution of the Contract, clarification and interpretations of the Contract Documents, progress reports and other project-related documents, as directed by the Resident Engineer and Project Engineer.

Contract Documents

  • Transmit to Contractor clarification and interpretation of the Contract Documents as issued by the Resident Engineer or Project Engineer.
  • Assist in the filing and tracking of Contractor transmittals and submittals as directed by the Project Engineer.
  • Assist the Resident Engineer and Project Engineer in preparing change orders, extra work orders, and other Contract Modifications as directed by the Resident Engineer and Project Engineer.

Project Reports

  • Assist the Resident Engineer and Project Engineer in collecting and preparing information for reports of the of the work progress and of the Contractor’s compliance with the progress schedule and schedule of shop drawing submissions.

Project Completion

  • Before issued a Certificate of Substantial Completion, assist the Resident Engineer in developing a list of observed items requiring correction or completion.
  • Assist in compiling closeout package documents, tracking for completeness and accuracy


  • BS in civil engineering or architecture, OSHA 10 certification
  • 3-5 years of experience in the construction or engineering field
  • Good working knowledge of construction software and procedures

Why join City Point Partners?

City Point Partners continues to grow in their field because of their high quality work and professional interaction with clients. The ideal candidate will support the project team to ensure project tasks are completed successfully. They will communicate effectively and professionally at all times. This person will have a good understanding of the project scope and project team. They should be self motivated and able to take direction and perform their job independently when necessary.

City Point Partners has won the award two years in a row for “Best Places to Work” in 2016 and 2017. We offer a competitive base salary, excellent benefits package, 401 (k) plan, and bonuses. Work/ life balance is important to us, as is providing a high level of service and quality to our clients. This person needs to effectively balance both.

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