Director of Public Outreach
Marty is a public outreach professional with a distinguished career serving both public and private sector clients. He has served as Director of Corporate Communications for two iconic Fortune 500 companies and has worked closely with public agencies to build consensus with neighborhood residents on a broad range of design and construction projects. Throughout his career, Marty has built a reputation for being a thoughtful consultant who is responsive to clients while also being considerate of project stakeholders, listening intently to their needs. Marty shares these values in overseeing the work of our public outreach team and multiple project priorities. From his initial roles as a legislative aide in the Massachusetts State House, to managing community relations for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Marty has been a trusted liaison between public and private parties, and an active member of advisory committees which have rezoned neighborhoods and advised on the permitting of public and private development projects in the City of Boston.
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