Joseph Nolan

Director of Public Outreach

As City Point Partners’ Director of Public Outreach, Joe holds a number of positions within the community that greatly enhance his value to our clients. As the Chair and Board Member of the I-495/MetroWest Partnership and as the Chair of the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, Joe works with different corporate and municipal interests gaining exposure to over 40 different communities in the Commonwealth. Through his position as the Chair of the Board of Selectman in the Town of Wayland, Joe understands how municipal governments operate and he shares this knowledge with our clients while serving as a municipal liaison on transportation and transit projects. As a former employee of the MBTA, and through his tenure at City Point Partners, Joe has built a 25-year career in transit projects. During his employment at the MBTA, he authored the MBTA’s Public Involvement Plan which guides the MBTA’s approach to public involvement on all projects.

Joe is trained in the MBTA’s Right-of-Way management program and is a member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association.


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