Paul Hemphill

Vice President of Construction Services

Over his 30-year career as a construction professional, Paul has become a trusted advisor in the construction process, guiding clients through a great variety of project challenges which have ranged from issues related to the site, relationships with contractors and subcontractors, to advising clients on how to operate within the parameters of public construction processes. Paul is comfortable working with both an architect-led design team as well as construction teams while always keeping the Owner’s interest paramount.

It is valuable to have experience as both an Owner and as a Consultant. Throughout his career, Paul has served towns and municipalities as a Construction Manager or Clerk-of-the-Works. While on the consultant side, Paul has assumed senior leadership positions developing construction management and owner’s project management practices. Paul’s reputation for responsive client service as well as for providing sound project management advice is stellar and the source of repeat business.

Paul is a licensed construction supervisor, holds an ABC unrestricted building license for the City of Boston and is an active member of the Construction Management Association of America New England chapter.


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