MassDOT Freight Plan

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MassDOT’s 2023 Massachusetts Freight Plan will define both a short- and long-term vision for the freight system across the Commonwealth, considering multiple transportation methods, including air, rail, roads, and waterways. The Plan’s goal is to build a cohesive picture of how these elements currently function and guide policymakers and freight system users to make improvements for greater efficiency while also considering residents/abutters who are affected by freight services. The Plan will also include preparations for dealing with disruptions such as future pandemics.

City Point Partners is providing Public Outreach for this project by conducting focus group meetings among stakeholders; meeting with public and private sector advisers with industry expertise; interviewing officials from neighboring states to learn about issues and challenges discovered during the implementation of similar plans; conducting surveys to gather stakeholder insight; and disseminating information about the Plan to the public and organizing public responses.


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