MBTA New Quincy Bus Maintenance Facility

Project Details





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Project Description

City Point Partners is providing cost estimating, scheduling, and public outreach services during the design phase and will be reviewing the estimate and schedule of the contractor during the construction phase for this new bus maintenance facility in Quincy which will replace the MBTA’s existing bus maintenance facility, the oldest in the MBTA system. The existing facility lacks the technology and space to support the new Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) that the MBTA is instituting to lessen their environmental impact, and can only support the oldest buses in the MBTA’s fleet leading to limited service frequency and reliability issues for Quincy bus routes.

The new bus maintenance facility will accommodate a more modern fleet including BEBs, and located in proximity to both the Red Line Quincy Adams and Quincy Center Stations, the origination point for many Quincy bus routes. This new facility will be 350,000 sf and consist of four interconnected structures for the storage and maintenance of 120 buses with 11 service/maintenance bays, and offices. Specialty MEP and building communications systems infrastructure are required, as well as unique building equipment and restrooms, locker rooms, and vertical transportation.


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